My links tend to be to photography friends or to people or organisations that I particularly like who have perhaps inspired me or provided a particularly excellent service. Please note - I will not respond to unsolicited system generated 'link exchange' requests.
Ron Reeder
Ron and Judy (see next link) both make wonderful images. Ron has explored the world of opportunities opened up by digital technologies allied to traditional processes. He creates fabulous and fantasic images (as in fables and fantasies) with his various alternative processes.
Judy Roan
Judy and Ron (see previous link) both make wonderful images. Judy has an exceptionally keen eye for composition and her printed work is stunning, especially her bird studies which are simply beautiful.
Roy Harrington
I first met Roy on a week long photographic workshop in Utah in 2003. He has some wonderful images of the American landscape and some fine steam train images too. And ..., he has developed printer software that enables the most superb black and white prints to be produced - way exceeding the printer driver software provided by Epson. Follow this link for Roy's QTR software or the link on his website. Additionally Roy has developed a universal printing application "Print Tool" for Mac OS Computers. I wrote the User Guide for "Print Tool".
Mike Rosenberg
Mike is a master printer in the finest tradition who I first met on an Anasazi workshop with Don Kirby in Utah in 2001. We've shared a number of photo trips over the last few years.
Stu Levy
A master b&w photographer with immense experience and knowledge of large format film photography, now living in the digital world.
Mike Askew
Mike lives in Texas though we met when he lived for a year (92/93) in the UK. We share very similar photographic interests as his web site will testify. Some of our images may seem very similar; not surprising really as we may have been standing just a few feet apart when they were taken!
Don Kirby
Don led the 2001 and 2003 Anasazi workshops and expeditions. He’s a real master photographer. Don and Joan, his partner, provided me with real inspiration and direction and completely refreshed my photgraphic drive at their workshops.
Dave Butcher
I worked with Dave at Ilford many years ago. He’s a keen walker and mountain photographer, has published six books of his work entitled "Snow Light", "Land Light", "City Light", "Lake Light", “High Light” and “Peak Light”. He and his wife Jan have a very active business running photography courses.
Howard Bond
Howard has been an inspiration to me as a photographer since I first bought his book “White Motif” in the early 90s. The photographs were taken throughout the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea. We eventually met in England in 2008 when he signed my copy of his book. His work is not widely available on the internet but a few examples can be found in a single portfolio of recent work on his website.
Dick Dokas
Dick is an inspirational 10x8 photographer and master silver printer. Seeing some of his cathedral images for the first time a few years ago contributed to my own burgeoning interest in that subject area.
Tyler Boley
Tyler is a pioneer in the field of inkjet photographic printing. As well as being a superb photographer in his own right he runs "Custom Digital" a highly professional high quality printing service base in Seattle.
Tony Howell
Tony has similar photographic interests to me - in colour. After meeting on a beach in Cornwall several years ago we discovered that we seem to visit some of the same places - around the world.
My Virtually Grey Blog
A place for occasional photo-musings and notification of new photographs posted on my website.
As of July 2017 I will no longer be adding to that blog though it will remain accessible. All future blog entries I make will be to my 'VirtuallyGreyPhotoBlog' here on my website - linked on the menu bar above.
My 'On Bredon Hill - 2016' PhotoBlog
I have a new photoblog for my latest photography project - "On Bredon Hill - 2016.
As of July 2017 I will no longer be adding to that blog though it will remain accessible. All future blog entries I make will be to my 'VirtuallyGreyPhotoBlog' here on my website - linked on the menu bar above.
My Photohiking The Thames Path Blog
I've now completed hiking the full length of The Thames Path - in both directions. I have a blog "Photohiking The Thames Path" where, for each day that I hiked, I added a short paragraph and a few images from the day.
As of July 2017 I will no longer be adding to that blog though it will remain accessible. All future blog entries I make will be to my 'VirtuallyGreyPhotoBlog' here on my website - linked on the menu bar above.
My Cotswold Way PhotoBlog
I walked the Cotswold Way between Chipping Campden and Bath with my large format 5x4 camera, photographing whatever inspired or interested me along the way. I started on my 60th birthday in May 2009 and finished 6 months later. The link (above) is to my photoblog of the whole experience. And this link opens a new window to just the b&w images from the walk here in the gallery.
As of July 2017 I will no longer be adding to that blog though it will remain accessible. All future blog entries I make will be to my 'VirtuallyGreyPhotoBlog' here on my website - linked on the menu bar above.
On Landscape
THE publication for all landscape photographers.
Photography and the Creative Process. If you're at all interested in photography - particularly in B&W - LensWork ought to be right at the top of your publications priority list.
Tony Kuyper's Photoshop Actions
I often use some of the Photoshop actions created by Tony Kuyper. They are tools that allow the 'enhancement' of images for luminosity and saturation - and several other aspects of image realisation. The actions build on Photoshop's masking capability to selectively work on image areas to such an extent that they bring a whole new level of control to the image maker. They can be used at the 'strength' chosen by you - so an image can be subtly enhanced (the way I work) or grossly enhanced if that's what you want (not my style). I'll make no attempt here to elaborate - I simply encourage you to go to Tony's website - here - and see what he has made available. His actions are available for a small charge - and worth every penny. His latest tools are accessed from a Custom Photoshop Panel which brings together many of his actions into a much more accessible way. They are very powerful, requiring the investment of time to learn how to get the best from them.
The Photographer's Ephemeris
An invaluable, nay indispensable tool. Quoted from the TPE website:

The Photographer's Ephemeris (TPE) is a tool to help with the planning of all types of outdoor photography, but particularly landscape and urban scenes. It is a map-centric sun and moon calculator: see how the light will fall on the land.

It was an essential tool when planning this image ... linked here. It's one of the images in my Chastleton House portfolio which required me to plan ahead for when the sun would fall directly down the length of the Long Gallery and be at a specific elevation for the window shadow to reach far enough into the room for the composition I'd envisaged. I used a superb piece of free software - The Photographer's Ephemeris - to calculate the date and time I needed to be there. It told me exactly the date and time for my picture. Unfortunately the exact date and time was overcast as were the next several days. The photograph I managed to take was almost a week after the ideal date when the sun's altitude was higher thereby shortening the shadow in the room. I still like the picture and know that if I could have had a clear day on the date The Photographer's Ephemeris told me I'd have been even happier. Now, if only the software could arrange for there to be clear skies when I need them! I must have a word with the software developer.
Atmospheric Optics
Les Cowley runs a superbly informative website exploring all matters to do with phenomena seen in the earth's atmosphere. He regularly adds to his OPOD - Optics Picture Of the Day - with comprehensive explanations fully illustrated with photographs and diagrams. He's used one of my images to illustrate an interesting atmospheric illusion - linked here; and another of a fabulous Circumhorizon arc - linked here
Earth Science Picture of the Day
These words are taken from the website's introduction - I'm a frequent visitor:
"The Earth Science Picture of the Day (EPOD) highlights the diverse processes and phenomena which shape our planet and our lives. EPOD will collect and archive photos, imagery, graphics, and artwork with short explanatory captions and links exemplifying features within the Earth system." Several of my images have been published as "Earth Science Picture of the Day" (EPOD) - search for "Gledhill".
The Cloud Appreciation Society
The name tells you all. Clouds are a photographic subject entirely in their own right, not just as 'props' for landscape pictures. I have several images in their gallery - search for "Gledhill".
Large Format Photography Forum
Large format photographers are likely to know of or be contributors to this excellent US based Large Format Photography Forum.
Its UK counterpart is the UK Large Format Photography Forum.
Some years ago I acquired a pair of Pacerpoles - walking poles. Compared with my previous 'conventional' ski-type poles these are 'poles apart'. They're brilliant.
Hiking in the Spanish Pyrenees
Phil and Anna run superb hiking holidays in the Spanish Pyrenees. Their small personal and very friendly outfit (Hike Pyrenees) organises walking and hiking holidays for all ability levels from amblers to ramblers to serious scramblers. I hiked for a week with them in 2010 on a "Peaks and Passes" itinerary - and took far too many digi-snaps. We visited again in May/June 2017 for another superb trip.
A site devoted to landscape photography of the British Isles. I have a page of images on that site. Oooops, it seems to have disappeared. Never mind, perhaps it will reappear one day when the site owner fixes it!