Images from the USA (1996 to 2017)

USA - 2017 - CA, AZ, UT, CO, NM portfolio A three week road trip with photography friends through several National and State Parks, The White Rim Road, Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness plus plenty more. USA - 2016 - Wyoming and Washington portfolio Three week road trip with friends starting in Jackson Hole, then on up through the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. Then over to Seattle and the Cascade Mountains.
USA - 2014 - California, Oregon, Washington portfolio Road trip from San Francisco to Seattle including coast, redwoods, lakes, volcanoes, the Olympic Peninsula, the Columbia River Gorge and Mt Rainier. USA - 2013 - New England portfolio New England in the Autumn is a lovely place. This photo trip was excellent marred only by the closure of Acadia National Park!
USA - 2012 - Eastern Sierras portfolio Three weeks in October 2012 in California's Eastern Sierras where the autumn colours and magnificent skies were difficult to ignore. USA - 2012 - Peering into Bodie portfolio The abandoned mining town of Bodie is well visited and photographed. For the casual visitor it's not easy to find a fresh perspective - here's mine.
USA - 2011 - Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah portfolio A selection from a 4 week road trip in September. Colour digital images are included alongside images from black and white film. USA - 2009 - California, Nevada & Utah NPs portfolio Starting in California in April this visit took in several of the National Parks of Southeast Utah as well as Death Valley and the Eastern Sierras.
USA - 2008 - Yosemite & the West Coast portfolio Starting in Yosemite, then over to Carmel and Big Sur, then up the west coast to Seattle and back to San Francisco. A lot of driving which took in many fine places in which to find things to photograph. USA - 2007 - South Carolina & Georgia portfolio An autumn photo road trip between North Carolina and nothern Florida though all of the images are from the two states in between.
USA - 2006 - Pennsylvania portfolio I was able to find just a few images during a short visit in the autumn of 2006. USA - 2005 - Yellowstone NP & the Tetons portfolio We arrived at the start of October, just as the first snow of the year started to fall making magical conditions for our photo trip. And with the air being so cold the plumes of steam from the geysers were far more dramatic than when the air is warmer.
USA - 1996 to 2004 - Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona & Colorado portfolio A selection of photographs from about five trips which included two workshops with Don Kirby. 
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