Hebrides & Western Scotland

Photographs from three visits, one in 2004 (wet and windy), one in October 2015 (mostly calm, dry, sunny and some great clouds) and one in the middle of October 2017 (dull and damp).
Isle of Skye - 2017 portfolio A week staying on the northern tip of the Trotternish Peninsula on Skye in October 2017 yielded a few photographs. Hebrides & Skye - 2015 portfolio We visited in October 2015 with friends from the US. Unlike my last trip the weather was wholly benign. And this time with FF digital rather than 5x4 film. Times have changed.
Hebrides & Skye - 2004 portfolio A portfolio arising from a wet and windy week in the Outer Hebrides in 2004. 
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