My work is displayed in galleries and sub-galleries to show it in the context of similar work. 'Similar' is a very loose connection which simply provides a way to not load every image into one big gallery. Several of the (sub)galleries are simply the output from particular photography trips whilst others are described by their short title.
New Zealand’s South Island - 2018 portfolio A very enjoyable and successful 4-week photography road trip around New Zealand's South Island in March/April 2018. The Cotswold Way portfolio I hiked The Cotswold Way in 2009 and have now embarked on doing it for a second time ...
Images from the USA (1996 to 2017) portfolio I manage to visit the USA most years for a photo trip. My work here is almost wholly landscape and represents visits over the last 20 years or so. On Bredon Hill - 2016 portfolio My "On Bredon Hill - 2016" photography project is now complete.
Clouds & Skies - Home & Away portfolio The sky presents infinite opportunities for a photographer to make images. Whenever I'm out and about with my camera it's likely that several, or even most of my images will include sky. Namibia - 2014 portfolio A two week family holiday in Namibia provided a wealth of picture making opportunities ...
Hebrides & Western Scotland portfolio Photographs from three visits, one in 2004 (wet and windy), one in October 2015 (mostly calm, dry, sunny and some great clouds) and one in the middle of October 2017 (dull and damp). English Lake District portfolio Recent visits to The English Lake District have yielded a few photographs.
London portfolio There are just too many photographs of London - but it's irresistible. Images from Italy portfolio Photographs from two regions of Italy, Umbria and Puglia, taken on two separate visits.
Chastleton House - National Trust portfolio Chastleton House is over 400 years old and has changed little during that time. This gallery contains images from throughout the house.
Glamorgan Coast portfolio The 13 mile stretch of coastline between Ogmore-by-Sea to Aberthaw powerstation reveals its remarkable sedimentary makeup. It's a challenge to represent its beauty.
I've completed photo-hiking the Thames Path - photos are all in a separate blog - linked here. I've completed my photo blog for a project photographing the Malvern Hills. The images aren't displayed here in the Virtually Grey Gallery - they are linked here.
Worcester Birmingham Canal portfolio Images found whilst hiking the 30 miles and 58 locks of the Worcester Birmingham Canal; there and back. Images from England portfolio Our green and pleasant land is an infinitely rich place for a photographer. These images are mainly landscapes that don't fit in other galleries.
Cathedrals & Churches portfolio Cathedrals and churches have provided me with wonderful photographic subjects. The challenge is to capture the often vast range of subject brightness - and represent it naturally. Images from Wales portfolio I often spend a day or two with my camera in the beautiful scenery of Wales. This is a selection of images from the country, mainly landscapes taken over the last 15 years.
Images from Ireland portfolio The west of Ireland is a wonderful and friendly place which offers so much to photograph. These images are from a 10-day visit in 2006. Barns & Buildings portfolio I recently discovered the potential for photography in some of our ancient Tithe Barns. Other building photographs are here too.
Trees & Plants portfolio The beautiful shapes and patterns in nature can easily distract me from photographing landscape. The selection here includes some images taken indoors. Other Work portfolio Images that don't fit my other portfolios. They may be the start of a new portfolio.