Chastleton House - National Trust

These images are the result of my project for The National Trust to photograph the interior of Chastleton House. The house is located between Moreton-in-Marsh and Chipping Norton. The images are presented in an A3 size printed album at the house where visitors can compare them with photographs taken in the house over 100 years ago. A particularly fascinating aspect of this house is how little it has changed over the 400 years since it was built, having been in the ownership of just one family until 1991. There is very little artificial light in the house so almost all of the photographs have been made in the naturally available daylight from the windows - no flash, no floodlights. The photographs are of the house exactly as it is now. No special arranging of the rooms is done for these photographs although the odd chair might have been moved a little to balance a picture. All of the photographs have been captured traditionally on film with my 5x4 view camera. This link takes you to the National Trust website page for Chastleton House.
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