Cathedrals & Churches

Cathedrals portfolio The cathedrals of my country stand as a magnificent tribute to those who conceived of them and the skilled craftsmen who built them. I'm drawn to photographing not only their grand magnificent lofty spaces but also their beautifully carved intimate stone details. I have still to visit and photograph many many more - a lifetime's work. Churches, Chapels, Abbeys, and Priories portfolio Whilst Cathedrals are generally large and magnificent so are many other places of worship. So for me and my photographic interests there's no real demarcation between cathedrals and the rest. But perhaps the most inspiring and photographically challenging are the small churches and chapels where their essence is their intimacy and peace.
St Martin-in-the-Fields - Trafalgar Square portfolio This splendid church recently emerged from under wraps after undergoing a very successful major restoration programme. This set of pictures was taken on Wednesday 14th October 2009. 
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